about me & experience



2022.09 - Present |

University of California, San Diego (GPA of 3.93/4.0)

Co-Advisor: Mingu Kang, Tajana Rosing

2016.03 - 2022.02 | 

Korea University 

(GPA of 4.17/4.5, Major GPA of 4.43/4.5)

Research interest

I'm interested in Digital circuit design & Computer Architecture. 

Especially, I'm interested in



UC San Diego, System Energy Efficiency LAB; Co-Advisor: Tajana Rosing

Research Assistant

> Ph.D. Student at SEELAB co-advised by Prof. Tajana Rosing


UC San Diego, Vertically-integrated VLSI information processing LAB; Co-Advisor: Mingu Kang

Research Assistant

> Ph.D. Student at VVIP LAB co-advised by Prof. Mingu Kang


KOREA UNIVERSITY, VLSI Signal Processing LAB; Advisor: Park, Jong-Sun

Undergraduate Researcher

> Design 8T & 10T SRAM to alleviate data conflict caused by sharing path between read and write operation and Check enhanced stability compared with 6T SRAM with Monte Carlo Simulation 


NTU, Nano-scale Integrated Circuits for Excellence LAB; Advisor: Kim, Tony Tae-Hyoung

Undergraduate Researcher

> Research on Computing-In-Memory & In-Memory Accelerator: Analyzed Ambit In-Memory Accelerator & Advanced Computer Architecture 


KOREA UNIVERSITY, Bio-Application System Integrated Circuit LAB; Advisor: Lee, Hyung-Min

Undergraduate Researcher

> Design and Configuration of High-BW Two-Stage Amplifier & Advanced LDO Linear Regulator ICs using Virtuoso tool 

(more details on Research Portfolio)





> Research and Inform about Smart Factory and Energy & IoT Solutions; Wrote articles about Data Center, Edge Computing and Smart Building & Hospital and Innovation Day: Selected as outstanding performer


HANDS (Hardware and Software), Major Association, Korea University 

Associate Member

Participated in projects using Python & Arduino



Auxiliary Police

Served in the 112th Strike Force, Counter Terrorist



HY Meister Degree - Semiconductor, HY Education Innovation Division (Open Badge)

4th Semiconductor Meister Degree Completion

> Completion of Hanyang Meister Degree Semiconductor Course Online Course

1) Completion of semiconductor integration technology expert course (20 hours) 

2) Completion of semiconductor application technology expert course (20 hours) 

3) Completion of semiconductor process technology expert course (20 hours) 


VR/AR Basic Education, Korea University's Innovation Center for Engineering Education


> Completion of VR/AR basic Education; Made Virtual Reality games using Unity tool


STUDENT COUNCIL, School of Electrical Engineering, Korea University 

Executive Chairman & Member

> Worked as a member of the Media Public Relations Bureau in Freshman & Led the Executive Branch with the Presidency as Executive Chairman in Sophomore




> Was member of the KUSC (Korea University Shooting Club)