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Research & Project

I. Efficient Transformer Acceleration via Reconfiguration for Encoder and Decoder Models and Sparsity-Aware Algorithm Mapping

II. Hyperdimensional Computing with ReRAM ASIC: A Reconfigurable and Energy-Efficient Approach

(Sponsored by PRISM Center, SRC)

III. HDnn: A Hybrid Hyperdimensional Computing Accelerator for On-Chip Inference and Few-Shot Learning 

(Sponsored by PRISM Center, SRC)

IV. XGBOOST Decision Tree using Modular Unit tree ASIC Design

(Sponsored by KETI, Seongnam-si, Korea)

V. Deep Convolution Neural Network for Predicting the Prognosis of Root Canal Treatment (Class Project)

(ECE 268, UCSD)

VI. PAHV: A 65nm 1.68TOPS/W NLP SIMD Processor with Pipelined MAC Array, Asynchronous Dual Core, Half Memory Buffer Techniques (Class Project)

(ECE 260B, UCSD)

VII. Privacy-aware Deep Learning-based Recommendation System (Class Project)

(ECE 268, UCSD)

VIII. CNNs on Multi-Core 2-D Systolic Array with Versatile Pruning (Class Project)

(ECE 284, UCSD)

Undergrad Project

I. High Unity Band-Width Two-Stage Amplifier Design

(Bio-Application System Integrated Circuit LAB)

2016170942 송창은 포스터.pptx

II. Advanced LDO Regulator using Self Cascode Error Amplifier

(Bio-Application System Integrated Circuit LAB)

Academic Paper (Graduation Thesis)

III. Speaker driver circuit including Low Pass Filter

IV. 2D-DCT in JPEG Image Compression Hardware

(VLSI Signal Processing LAB)

V. Area-efficient De-Interleaver Hardware Architecture

(VLSI Signal Processing LAB)

VI. Design MD5 Hash Function

(VLSI Signal Processing LAB)

VII. Conducting Many Projects about Digital Integrated Circuits Design from Schematic to Layout

(VLSI Signal Processing LAB)

8T & 10T SRAM Techniques Poster_ChangEun_Song.pdf

VIII. Enhanced Stability of 8T and 10T SRAM over 6T SRAM 

(VLSI Signal Processing LAB)

Failure Rate of 6T SRAM: 100%

Failure Rate of 8T SRAM: 49.9%

Failure Rate of 10T SRAM: 61.5% (Read fail condition: when Vdd = 0.6V, RSNM < 0.23685V)

IX. Two Different Gate Length(280nm, 240nm) MOSFETs 

Semiconductor 2 Project 송창은.docx